Professional cosmetics
New generation peel-off gels
A CIMAPREM-Cosmetics innovation: the natural peel-off gels new generation for masks and body packs based on alginate technology.

Your peel-off gel : Resourceful - Convenient - Wonderful - Efficient

A revolution in the world of professional cosmetics, the peel-off gel is a ready to use product that allows easy usage of masks or body packs.

It is made of 2 gels that you simply mix before the application. A neutral gel and a gel of actives.
- Formulas Adaptability
- All cosmetic actives incorporation
- Transparent or opaque outcome
- Cryo or thermo feeling possibilities
Plaquette Cimaprem Cosmetics


Click below te see a demonstration of the PEEL-OFF GEL, the PEEL-OFF EMULSION and the PEEL-OFF POWDER of the SUPER FOOD BEAUTY RANGE:

Cimaprem mask and body packs range (gels and powders)

Naturals: medicinal plants; plant extracts; floral waters; other galenic forms…
Essentials: essential oils.
Botanicals: encrusted with: flowers; peel; bark; seeds; berries…
Sensitives: cold feeling; hot feeling.
Comfort: vegetable oils; macerated oils; natural fats; cereals; starch products…
Aromatics: aromachology.
Marine: seaweeds, marine actives.
Minerals, vitamins : trace nutrients; clays; vitamins…

Peel-off gels
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