Powder and Gel Forms

The MOULDING ALGINATES of the CIMALGIN range are dedicated to specific applications in Fine Arts, hobbies & edutainment and catering industries. They are complex mixes, based with natural extracts of brown seaweeds (sodium alginate). Thanks to their specifications, the alginates formulated by Cimaprem Moulding meet the expectations of all the professionals and are developed with the advice of expert users.

Cimalgin® Range

Cimaprem Moulding formulates a tailor-made moulding alginate by adjusting the precision, the texture, the setting time, the dilution, the thixotropy, permitting a variety of protocols and realizations, from the most classic to the most innovative ones.


Cimaprem Moulding offers a wide range of possibilities in term of packaging: bulk, bags, pots, sachets, doypacks, private label and customized packagings…
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